Our cake Flavours

Signature flavours versus classic flavours will always be the most disputed topic when talking about ice cream cakes. We all have our favourite, and that’s why Mums offers them both.


Peanut Butter Cup
Skor Caramel
Skor Chocolate

Classic Chocolate & Vanilla

Blue Frosting
Pink Frosting

Cake Sizes

They always say sharing is caring. Although we don’t deny this is true, we also know the rules can change when ice cream cakes come into play. With Mums Ice Cream Cakes, having more of what you love is what we thrive for. Whether it be for a party of 2, 10, or 50, our variety of sizes ensures you that you’ll get to have your cake and eat it too!





Looking for a locally made ice cream cake that completely blows your mind? Look no further! All our ice cream cakes are created hand-made and with love right here in our Dairy Bar in Neguac, New Brunswick. We aspire to offer ice cream cakes with premium quality ingredients from local suppliers. We genuinely believe we all have a part to play in supporting local. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our cakes are sold in 150 stores all over Atlantic Canada. Visit your local grocery store today and ask about Mums Cakes.
No, unfortunately, even if you choose a cake without peanuts as the main ingredient, we cannot guarantee that trace amounts of peanuts won’t be found in our cakes.
Yes. You can bring your chosen cake to the bakery section of the supplier. You will need to provide them with the wanted message. Some exceptions may apply.
Yes. Our cakes are made with real ice cream. As a result, our ice cream cakes are richer than other similar cakes because they normally use ice milk.


Are you looking to enjoy our yummy treats? Our cakes are available at many of the following Grocery stores in Atlantic Canada. Visit the location nearest to you today to get your hands on one of our very rich, flavourful ice cream cakes.

Better hurry! We can't guarantee they won't fly off the shelves!